tag namev0.6.2 (a5540a852e87ede90186af94a151e1a84815d920)
tag date2018-03-03 15:57:24 +0100
tagged byMatthias Beyer <>
tagged objectcommit 280401a49b...
Bugfix release for fixing: * `imag-diary` did not recognize the "-d DIARY" setting. * A parsing error in `libimagstore`, which caused the parsing of entries with a line "---" in the content part to fail, was fixed. * The bugfix above introduced another bug which caused entries to be rewritten in one line when accessing them. This was fixed. * `imag-diary` did not properly set "minute" and "second" when creating "hourly" or "minutely" entries. * Version numbers for all crates as well as in the docs were updated to "0.6.2".