tag namev0.4.0 (0484549b9d65272532ad6d0adff9c8efdae50494)
tag date2017-09-24 12:07:09 +0200
tagged byMatthias Beyer <>
tagged objectcommit 61d472a8c7...
This is version 0.4.0 of the imag core distribution. This is still experimental and alpha-quality, so expect bugs and so on. For a more throughout release summary, please refer to the website of the project. I know I always write down that this is alpha quality, but right now I feel confident enough to tell you all: Test it out! Some things seem to work rather smoothly by now, the store format is stable and I fixed a hell lot of bugs in this release. Also, the release is smaller than the releases before. That's because I want to do smaller and faster releases instead of big ones where a lot of things change. So far, this seems to work nicely.