tag namev0.2.0 (e21393dd2a0ece68eb445d79a1d3089bbe723fbe)
tag date2016-10-23 18:51:18 +0200
tagged byMatthias Beyer <>
tagged objectcommit 6845074d14...
First of all - many thanks to all the contributors. This was possible because of you! So here we go with the release notes. *THIS IS NOWHERE FROM STABLE, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK* The imag distribution is in v0.2.0 now. That does _not_ mean that this is software that is production ready, should be used in production or something like that. This release was made as "This is a point where you could play with it, try things out and report errors"-release. From the git history (branchoff for this release was commit bdbf5cedfbc1270cf25092c129d2399e82944151) you can see that we had to introduce some fixes before everything went smoothly. Most of these fixes will land in master (yes, this release is not made on the master branch). I will not create releases _on_ the master branch, but always do a branchoff for the release. This is because the crates on master depend on other crates from the repository _by path_. We do this to allow ourselves a faster development cycle (basically a cycle that does not require us to `cargo publish` changes in the libraries before we can use them in the binaries). This will change with 1.0, sure, but as we are far away from this, I'll do a branchoff for every 0.x.y release. I really don't know what else to write down here.