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* Refactor libimagnotes to fit new store iterator interfaceMatthias Beyer2018-05-011-3/+8
* Replace call to retrieve_for_module() with entries()Matthias Beyer2018-04-241-1/+2
* Simplify error handling by using linking feature of error-chainMatthias Beyer2018-03-123-23/+13
* Update dates in license headerMatthias Beyer2018-02-076-6/+6
* Fix: Header entry settingMatthias Beyer2018-02-061-15/+2
* Add link to toml_query error typesMatthias Beyer2018-02-061-0/+4
* libimagnotes: Replace read with typed readMatthias Beyer2018-01-131-4/+2
* Refactoring: Use function chaining rather than matchingMatthias Beyer2018-01-051-7/+6
* Replace uses of try!() macro with "?" operatorMatthias Beyer2017-10-311-2/+2
* Refactor libimagdiaryMatthias Beyer2017-09-155-149/+208
* Remove dedicated result modules, use error chain generated Result typesMatthias Beyer2017-09-043-28/+2
* Remove "IntoError" trait, use error_chain functionalityMatthias Beyer2017-09-032-17/+2
* libimagnotes: Rewrite error handlingMatthias Beyer2017-09-033-30/+25
* Impl IntoError for error kindsMatthias Beyer2017-09-031-0/+11
* Add recursion limits to cratesMatthias Beyer2017-09-031-0/+2
* Add dependency to crates: error_chain = 0.10Matthias Beyer2017-09-031-0/+1
* Rewrite macros to do error-chain behind the scenesMatthias Beyer2017-09-031-8/+28
* Remove unused keyword "mut" where not neededMatthias Beyer2017-08-311-4/+5
* Remove unused crate importsMatthias Beyer2017-08-311-2/+0
* Change crates to use toml-query crateMatthias Beyer2017-08-282-2/+5
* Reorganize code in subdirsMatthias Beyer2017-08-274-0/+312