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* Replace failure with anyhow in complete codebaseMatthias Beyer2020-03-081-6/+6
* Use MessageId type where applicableMatthias Beyer2020-01-021-2/+4
* Fix: Do not assume a mail file to be valid UTF8Matthias Beyer2020-01-021-1/+12
* Update copyright years to 2015-2020Matthias Beyer2020-01-011-1/+1
* Add more context in error messagesMatthias Beyer2019-05-181-4/+5
* Optimize: Do not compute lowercase key twiceMatthias Beyer2019-02-281-2/+3
* Fix: Compare different variablesMatthias Beyer2019-02-241-4/+7
* Add helper function to be more flexibleMatthias Beyer2019-02-221-4/+18
* Rewrite libimagmailMatthias Beyer2019-02-201-0/+64