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* Add comment for `&version!()[..]`mario2016-11-051-0/+4
* Add comments about functionality,mario2016-11-051-5/+28
* Add build_subcommand! macromario2016-11-051-52/+22
* Add additional dependenciesmario2016-11-051-1/+3
* Change from types implementing build_ui to a mod for every binary.mario2016-11-051-23/+67
* Add with basic ideamario2016-11-052-0/+56
* Merge pull request #656 from matthiasbeyer/cargo-rustc-codegen-unitsMatthias Beyer2016-10-311-0/+3
| * Add codegen-units = 2 in ./bin/Cargo.tomlMatthias Beyer2016-10-241-0/+3
* | bin/Cargo.toml: Update dependenciesMatthias Beyer2016-10-241-2/+2
* Fix: Cargo.toml does not know "website", but "homepage"Matthias Beyer2016-10-201-1/+1
* Add meta-info in bin/Cargo.tomlMatthias Beyer2016-10-181-0/+10
* bin: Add copyright notice to all filesMatthias Beyer2016-10-011-0/+19
* Reduce clone()-ing of commands to necessary placesMario Krehl2016-09-071-2/+2
* Fix differing amount of newlines from subprocesses influences outputMario Krehl2016-09-071-1/+2
* Pretty output of --versionsMario Krehl2016-09-071-2/+2
* Fix --versionsMario Krehl2016-09-071-1/+1
* Add some commentsMario Krehl2016-09-071-8/+17
* Fix panic! when reaching unreachable!, because imag doesnt do anything withou...Mario Krehl2016-09-071-1/+1
* Add check if given subcommand is supportedMario Krehl2016-09-071-0/+9
* Fix exit codesMario Krehl2016-09-071-2/+2
* Fix panics due to unwrap on Option::NoneMario Krehl2016-09-071-1/+5
* Fall back to get_default_cli_buildermario2016-09-052-13/+22
* Add help_text()mario2016-09-051-21/+12
* Fix clap for external subcommandsmario2016-09-051-5/+2
* Change build_ui to use subcommands()Mario Krehl2016-09-051-18/+15
* Add some debugging outputMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-0/+5
* We do not need to pass the subcommand as arg hereMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-1/+0
* Use libimagrt::setup::generate_runtime_setup() helper to build Runtime objectMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-11/+18
* Add dep: log = 0.3Matthias Beyer2016-09-052-0/+2
* Enable forwarding of args and subcommandsMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-1/+3
* Shrink App setup codeMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-33/+27
* Only return subcommand nameMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-1/+1
* Add support for --help and -hMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-1/+14
* Rewrite imag binaryMatthias Beyer2016-09-051-71/+68
* Add dependency: libimagrtMatthias Beyer2016-09-052-0/+5
* Add dependency: clapMatthias Beyer2016-09-052-0/+2
* Merge pull request #567 from matthiasbeyer/bin/imag-seperator-removeMatthias Beyer2016-07-261-1/+1
| * Remove dash from command listingMatthias Beyer2016-07-211-1/+1
* | Debug flag is now inserted at the beginning of the arguments.LeRoyce Pearson2016-07-211-1/+1
* | Pulled out lambda and made "--debug" constantgeemili2016-07-211-3/+9
* | Actually fixed double debug flag this timegeemili2016-07-191-1/+1
* | Fixed compile errorsgeemili2016-07-191-1/+1
* | Fixed debug appearing twicegeemili2016-07-191-1/+1
* | Fixed compilation errorsLeRoyce Pearson2016-07-191-3/+3
* | Added in debug flag forwardinggeemili2016-07-191-1/+6
* | Fixed bug where flags would not be readgeemili2016-07-191-3/+10
* Update all version strings: 0.1.0 -> 0.2.0Matthias Beyer2016-07-121-1/+1
* changed from path().starts_with(PATH/imag-) to path.filename().starts_with(im...mario2016-07-041-6/+7
* Add argument finder helper functionMatthias Beyer2016-05-131-0/+9
* Add command finder helper functionMatthias Beyer2016-05-131-1/+5