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# Contributing to imag
+So you want to contribute to imag! Thank you, that's awesome of you!
+If you already have something in mind, go ahead with [the prerequisites
+section](#prerequisites). If you don't know what you could do, start here.
+## Finding an issue
+Finding an issue is simple: We have
+[a special label in our issues section](
+for easy-to-solve issues. You can start there, don't hesitate to ask questions
+if you do not understand the issue comment!
+Also, if you found bugs or outdated stuff in our documentation, feel free to
+file issues about them or even better: Write a pull request to fix them!
+## Prerequisites
* cargo and rust compiler in current version (stable)
-In particular, we seek the following types of contributions:
+That's it so far, you don't need no additional dependencies. Note that this
+software is targeted towards commandline linux users and we do not aim to be
+portable to Windows or Mac OSX (though I wouldn't mind merging patches for OS X
+* If you want to build the documentation (you don't have to)
+ * pandoc
+ * pandoc-citeproc
+ * texlive
+ * lmodern (font package)
+ * make
-* Ideas: What is a PIM module you want to see implemented or (even better) could
- you implement yourself?
-* Testing: Feel free to test `imag`. Note that we have no release yet.
-* Documentation: We want to have 100% documentation coverage. If you find
- something undocumented or wrongly documented, don't hesitate to fix it and
- send a PR!
+All dependencies are installable with the nix package manager by using a
+`nix-shell`, if you have the nix package manager installed on your system.
-# Commit guidelines, PR guidelines:
+## Commit guidelines
Please don't refer to issues or PRs from inside a commit message, if possible.
Make sure your PR does not contain "Fixup" commits when publishing it, but feel
@@ -23,6 +44,28 @@ your history before merging!
Make sure to prefix your commits with `"doc: "` if you change the document. Do
not change document and code in one commit, always seperate them.
+We do not follow some official rust styleguide for our codebase, but we try to
+write minimal and readable code. 100 characters per line, as few lines as
+possible, avoid noise in the codebase, ... you get it.
+Not all of your commits have to be buildable. But your PR has to be.
+## PR guidelines:
+We'd like to have one PR per module change. This means you _should_ only change
+one imag module in one commit (library plus belonging binary is okay). As this
+is not always possible, we do not enforce this, though we might ask you to split
+your PR into two smaller ones.
+Use feature branches. If you could name them "<module name>/<what you do>",
+for example "libimagstore/add-debugging-calls", that would be awesome.
+You are welcome to publish your PR as soon as there is one commit in your
+branch. This gives us the possibility to review whether your ideas go into a
+nice direction or whether there are issues with your approach and we can report
+them to you rather quickly. Rewriting a whole PR is not satisfactory and we'd
+like to make your contribution process enjoyable.
# Merging tools which use the imag core functionality into this repo
If you're writing an application or module for imag, feel free to propose
@@ -30,22 +73,29 @@ integrating it into the imag core distribution, if it fulfills the following
1. It is written in Rust
-1. It has a commandline interface which is the main interface to the module.
-1. It is licensed under the terms of GNU LGPLv2.1
+1. It has a commandline interface which is the main interface to the module
+ OR it is a utility library for creating new kinds of functionality within the
+ imag core.
+1. It is licensed under the terms of GNU LGPLv2.1 OR all of your contributors
+ approve a commit which changes the license of your codebase to GNU LGPLv2.1
+ (The word "approve" in this sentence is to be defined).
(If your tool does not fulfill these requirements, I won't merge it into the
imag core distribution.)
-# Code of Conduct
+## Code of Conduct
We use the same
[code of conduct as the rust community does](
-# Contact
+Basically: Be kind, encourage others to ask questions - you are encouraged to
+ask questions as well!
+## Contact
Feel free to reach out via mail.
-# FAQ
+## FAQ
_to be written_