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+# Contributing to imag
+* cargo and rust compiler in current version (stable)
+In particular, we seek the following types of contributions:
+* Ideas: What is a PIM module you want to see implemented or (even better) could
+ you implement yourself?
+* Testing: Feel free to test `imag`. Note that we have no release yet.
+* Documentation: We want to have 100% documentation coverage. If you find
+ something undocumented or wrongly documented, don't hesitate to fix it and
+ send a PR!
+# Commit guidelines, PR guidelines:
+Please don't refer to issues or PRs from inside a commit message, if possible.
+Make sure your PR does not contain "Fixup" commits when publishing it, but feel
+free to push "Fixup" commits in the review process. We will ask you to clean
+your history before merging!
+Make sure to prefix your commits with `"doc: "` if you change the document. Do
+not change document and code in one commit, always seperate them.
+# Code of Conduct
+We use the same
+[code of conduct as the rust community does](
+# Contact
+Feel free to reach out via mail.
+# FAQ
+_to be written_