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The library for the todo module which provides functionality to
implement/implements a todomanager in imag.
### Implementation details
-One todo entry is stored as one imag entry. The ID of the imag entry is generated by
-appending a unique ID (UUID) to "todo/".
+One todo entry is stored as one imag entry. The ID of the imag entry is
+generated by appending a unique ID (UUID) to "todo/".
The unique ID identifies the todo entry.
#### Stored data
A todo entry stores the following information:
* The (UU)ID of the todo entry
* A status of the todo entry. Valid values are: "deleted", "done", "pending"
-* A "scheduled" date/datetime, can also yield an iterator
+* An optional "scheduled" date/datetime
* An optional "hidden" value, which specifies a date in the future where this
- todo entry should show up. Relative (eg. "-5days"),
- to the "scheduled" date/datetime
-* An optional "due" date/datetime, relative to the "scheduled" time
-* A list of dependencies of the entry
-* A "importance"-level, config file defined (strings in an array, index used for
- ranking them)
-* User defined value (a map of key-value string pairs)
+ todo entry should show up.
+* An optional "due" date/datetime
+* A "priority"-level, either "h", "m", "l"
The description of the todo entry is stored as plain text.
#### Data not stored
Some data is explicitely _not_ stored by the library because there are other
libraries fullfilling that purpose. These are:
+* Related todos, which can be done via libimagentrylink
* Tags, which can be done with libimagentrytag
* Category, which can be done with libimagentrycategory
* Project belonging, which can be done with libimagentrylink (by linking to a
project file - note that "project" is a domain not yet implemented by imag)
* Annotations, which can be stored with libimagentryannotation
#### Header format
The header partial for libimagtodo is as follows:
@@ -46,42 +47,24 @@ The header partial for libimagtodo is as follows:
uuid = "string"
-status = "string"
-scheduled = "<kairos time spec>"
-hidden = "<kairos time func (optional)>"
-due = "<kairos time func (optional)>"
-depends = [ "list of uuids" ]
-importance = "string"
-uda = {}
+status = "enum { 'deleted', 'done', 'pending' }"
+scheduled = "<NaiveDateTime>" // optional
+hidden = "<NaiveDateTime>" // optional
+due = "<NaiveDateTime>" // optional
+priority = "enum { 'h', 'm', 'l' }" // optional
#### Functionality
The provided functionality of this library includes, but is not limited to:
-* Creating new todo entries in the store
-* Deleting todo entries from the store
-* get/retrieving todo entries from the store
-* Turning an entry into a todo entry
-* Getting todo details from an entry
- * scheduled, due, waiting date/datetime
- * priority
- * UUID
- * status
- * An iterator over all dependend todo entries (as `StoreIdIterator`)
-* Calculating a "urgency" of a todo entry from a formula weighted by configurable factors
-#### Dependencies between tasks
-Dependencies between todo entries are created by putting the UUID of a dependent todo entry into
-the `todo.depends` header.
-This way, a unidirectional link is created. A link (as in `libimagentrylink`) is
-_also_ created, but this can be turned off explicitely.
+* Creating
+* Deleting
+* Get/Retrieving
+* Getting data about the todo
+ * Reading metadata: scheduled, due, waiting, prio, uuid, status,...
+ * Related (via libimagentrylink) todo entries
-As `libimagentrylink` links are bidirectional, they do not suffice for todo
-entry dependency creation.
-As todo entries are stored with the Store IDs "todo/<uuid>", creating a
-`StoreId` from a UUID is trivial.