BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
entry-findAdd Entries::{find_by_id_substr, find_by_id_startswith}Matthias Beyer8 weeks
libimagstore-findfixup! TMP: Add Store::find_*() functionsMatthias Beyer7 weeks
libimagtodo-req-rewritefixup! fixup! Reimplement imag-todoMatthias Beyer42 hours
masterFix: --override-config argument can be passed multiple timesMatthias Beyer7 days
master-ffFix: --override-config argument can be passed multiple timesMatthias Beyer7 days
minorAdd viewer helper trait for iteratorsMatthias Beyer2 weeks
rfcsAdd RFC template and process descriptionMatthias Beyer4 weeks
test-execAdd run testMatthias Beyer3 months
ui-testingAdd tests for imag-grepMatthias Beyer67 min.
v0.9.xtravis: Pin 0.9.x release branch to current stable but with version numberMatthias Beyer5 months
v0.9.3commit cac882af8a...Matthias Beyer5 months
v0.9.2commit b42dedbe66...Matthias Beyer5 months
v0.9.1commit 7137a3ce71...Matthias Beyer8 months
v0.8.0commit 8071496dcf...Matthias Beyer17 months
v0.7.1commit 83e94694c2...Matthias Beyer18 months
v0.7.0commit c27a5ac7a8...Matthias Beyer18 months
v0.6.4commit 76cf172e0d...Matthias Beyer19 months
v0.6.3commit 9a638bcdbc...Matthias Beyer19 months
v0.6.2commit 280401a49b...Matthias Beyer20 months
v0.6.1commit bc3b770fb2...Matthias Beyer20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysFix: --override-config argument can be passed multiple timesHEADmaster-ffmasterMatthias Beyer1-0/+1
7 daysFix: Add ID reportingMatthias Beyer1-1/+7
7 daysAdd more debug outputMatthias Beyer1-0/+2
9 daysMerge branch 'imag-calendar/init' into masterMatthias Beyer8-0/+767
9 daysImplement show subcommandMatthias Beyer3-0/+116
9 daysMake helper type derive DebugMatthias Beyer1-0/+1
9 daysAdd argument to only list events after a certain dateMatthias Beyer3-1/+20
9 daysAdd argument to only list events before a certain dateMatthias Beyer2-1/+15
9 daysAdd helper function to parse string with kairosMatthias Beyer3-0/+27
9 daysRewrite helper to be less complicatedMatthias Beyer2-44/+44