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Please note that we do not have a "Breaking changes" section as we are in
Version 0.y.z and thus we can break the API like we want and need to.
+## 0.9.1
+Bugfix release for fixing:
+* Fix off by one error in error tracing
+* Fix negation error in imag-habit filtering mechanism
+* Fix config override mechanism
+* "status" subcommand might not be present in imag-habit, but standard command
+ should work anyways
+* We go to the next month, not to the current one (off by one error)
+* 'start-time' cannot be None in imag-timetrack, clap ensures that
+* Do not use deprecated StoreId::exists() function in libimagentrycategory
## 0.9.0
* [f912d3e7f3](