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## Diary {#sec:modules:diary}
-The Diary module.
+The diary module is for keeping your diary notes.
-### Description
+The diary module giv3s you the possibility to write your diary in imag.
+It offers daily, hourly and minutely entries (the latter beeing more like
+a private tumble-blog).
-The diary module is for keeping your diary notes. It offers a self-implemented
-diary which creates the entries in the store.
-As of now there is only the possibility to create daily entries, but the
-possibility to implement hourly or even minutely entries is there.
-The module offers commands to create, delete, edit and list diary entries.
-### Backends
-At this moment, only the imag store is an available backend and therefor diary
-entries are written to the imag store.
-There is no implementation for other diary software planned _yet_, but there
-might be a [jrnl]( backend some time, but not as long as `jrnl`
-does not provide a multi-file storage system.
+Exporting the diary is possible, so one can write it in markdown and
+later pass that to pandoc, if desired, to generate a website or book
+from it.