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## Calendar {#sec:modules:calendar}
-The Calendar module.
+The calendar module implements a commandline calendar like khal. The calendar data itself is retrieved from icalendar files which should be located outside of the imag store. imag does not handle syncing of these files. `vdirsyncer` may be your tool of choise here.
+imag can show events from the calendar(s) like any other commandline calendar tool and of course can also add, delete or edit entries (interactively or via commandline parameters).
-### Description
+### Internals
-<!-- Description of the module -->
-### Backends
-<!-- Backends the module supports including links to external resources -->
+What imag does internally is described in this section.
+imag creates one entry in the store for one `icalendar` file. These entries are basically references to the real data. If an `icalendar` file is removed from the filesystem, imag does not delete it from the sfore if not told explicitely.