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So this module offers functionality to read (Maildir) mailboxes, search for and list mails and mail-threads and reply to mails (by spawning the `$EDITOR`).
+Outgoing mails are pushed to a special directory and can later on be send via `imag-mail` which calls a MTA (for example msmtp) and also creates store entries for the outgoing mails.
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## libimagmails
+The mail library implements everything that is needed for beeing used to implement a mail reader (MUA).
+It therefor providea reading mailboxes, getting related content or mails, saving attachements to external locations, crafting new mails and responses,...
+It also offers, natively, ways to search for mails (which are represented as imag entries) via tags, categories or even other metadata.
+For more information on the domain of the `imag-mail` command, look at the documentation of the @sec:modules:mails module.