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Add changelog for version 0.9.1
This was cherry-picked from the 0.9.1 release, where I made the mistake to add one commit for all updated stuff, instead of adding the changelog in one commit and all other stuff in other commits. But because we should have that information on master, we cherry-pick the commit 7137a3ce7 partially here. Signed-off-by: Matthias Beyer <> (cherry picked from commit 7137a3ce7)
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Please note that we do not have a "Breaking changes" section as we are in
Version 0.y.z and thus we can break the API like we want and need to.
+## 0.9.1
+Bugfix release for fixing:
+* Fix off by one error in error tracing
+* Fix negation error in imag-habit filtering mechanism
+* Fix config override mechanism
+* "status" subcommand might not be present in imag-habit, but standard command
+ should work anyways
+* We go to the next month, not to the current one (off by one error)
+* 'start-time' cannot be None in imag-timetrack, clap ensures that
+* Do not use deprecated StoreId::exists() function in libimagentrycategory
## 0.9.0
* [f912d3e7f3](